The Grinch -- cute -- from 2018 movieLady Lumley’s school in Pickering, North Yorkshire thought it could cancel Christmas. It was wrong.

Religious education teacher Chris Paul told students Christmas was “a day celebrating the birth of Jesus and should be a time of goodwill to all” but that its original meaning had been “buried under an avalanche of commercialization.”

He even called out Santa, claiming he was “was probably invented by the Coca-Cola company.” (Um, no!)

With that in mind, all cards, parties, gifts and Christmas trees were banned. One caveat: the teacher would revisit the ban if students wrote a persuasive argument about why the school should celebrate the holiday. That didn’t stop parents from calling the move “horrible” and “disgusting.”

Well, people did write in to explain why the idea was, well, miserly. The school received over 500 emails and letters “making a strong case” for celebrating Christmas. The school was forced to back down.

Headteacher Richard Bramley responded to the letters: “Those students who really thought about the situation and challenged the decision appropriately created the change and brought back Christmas. Well done to them and I hope they (and, in the true spirit of the season, everyone else) has a good Christmas.”

He added: “Students were asked to challenge the status quo; to ask ‘why should we do things just because we have always done them?’ and … to question whether non-religious people should celebrate a religious festival.”

The decision stands for 2018, but may be revisited in the future.

Listen, if Herr Burgermeister Meisterburger, the Winter Warlock and the Grinch can’t stop Christmas, then no one can!

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