Willam Shatner Christmas album 2018 -- Shatner ClausWilliam Shatner has done a lot in his 87 years.

He has starred in successful TV franchises (Star Trek and TJ Hooker). He has written books (the Tekwar series, some Star Trek novels and, most recently, the Samuel Lord series). He has appeared in movies (like the dark holiday treat A Christmas Horror Story).

And he has released not one … not two … not 100 … but ten albums. This year, he finally decided to drop a Christmas collection, appropriately called Shatner Claus.

Although Jewish, he explained why he decided to go the Christmas route with his latest offering.

“Well, yes I am [Jewish],” he said. “But the spirit of Christmas is one of forgiveness and joy and laughter, of family. It’s about skiing in the Laurentians and touring through St. Agathe and Mt. Tremblant. I am a good skier —I’ve only stopped skiing in the last year or so [Montreal-born Shatner is 87] and I spent my youth up in the mountains skiing around Christmas. And my Christmases back then were always joyful.”

He called on a few friends to help him out, including Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top even appears on a special reworking of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Can’t wait to have a listen? Her you go …

If you just have to get the album for yourself, you can find it on Amazon!

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