I Love Lucy Christmas episode (8:00 p.m.) CBS
I Love Lucy Christmas episode (8:00 p.m.) CBS

12 Gifts of Christmas (12:00 a.m.) Hallmark
Deck the Halls (12:00 a.m.) Freeform
The Christmas Pact (12:01 a.m.) Lifetime
The Christmas Card (1:00 a.m.) Hallmark Movies
Catch a Christmas Star (2:00 a.m.) Hallmark
Christmas Harmony (2:04 a.m.) Lifetime

White Christmas (2:15 a.m.) AMC
Last Vermont Christmas (3:00 a.m.) Hallmark Movies
Sleigh Bells Ring (4:00 a.m.) Hallmark
A Nutcracker Christmas (5:00 a.m.) Hallmark Movies
A Perfect Christmas (6:00 a.m.) Hallmark
The Nutcracker (6:00 a.m.) Ovation
The Christmas Card (7:00 a.m.) Hallmark Movies

Mingle All the Way (8:00 a.m.) Hallmark
Seasons of Love (8:00 a.m.) Lifetime
Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (9:00 a.m.) Hallmark Movies
Scoot and Kassie’s Christmas Adventure (9:00 a.m.) AMC
The Spirit of Christmas (10:00 a.m.) Lifetime
Home Alone 3 (11:00 a.m.) Freeform
To Grandmother’s House We Go (11:00 a.m.) AMC

Christmas With Holly (11:00 a.m.) Hallmark Movies
All I Want for Christmas (12:00 p.m.) Lifetime
A Dennis the Menace Christmas (1:00 p.m.) AMC
A Godwink Christmas (1:00 p.m.) Hallmark Movies
Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure (1:05 p.m.) Freeform
Christmas in Evergreen (2:00 p.m.) Hallmark
Noel (2:00 p.m.) Lifetime
I’ll Be Home For Christmas (3:00 p.m.) Hallmark Movies

Ernest Saves Christmas (3:00 p.m.) AMC
Christmas with the Kranks (3:10 p.m.) Freeform
Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa (4:00 p.m.) Hallmark
All About Christmas Eve (4:00 p.m.) Lifetime
Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (5:00 p.m.) Hallmark Movies
Ice Age: The Meltdown (5:00 p.m.) AMC
A Royal Christmas (6:00 p.m.) Hallmark
The Christmas Contract (6:00 p.m.) Lifetime
Christmas in Angel Falls (7:00 p.m.) Hallmark Movies
The Polar Express (7:00 p.m.) AMC

The Santa Clause (7:20 p.m.) Freeform
Homegrown Christmas (8:00 p.m.) Hallmark
Ice Age: Continental Drift (8:00 p.m.) Disney Channel
I Love Lucy Christmas Special (8:00 p.m.) CBS
It’s A Wonderful Life (8:00 p.m.) USA
87th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (8:00 p.m.) CW

I Love Lucy Christmas Special (8:00 p.m.) CBS
Fresh Off The Boat Christmas episode (8:00 p.m.) ABC
Last Man Standing Christmas episode (8:00 p.m.) FOX
Speechless Christmas episode (8:30 p.m.) ABC
Christmas Around the Corner (8:00 p.m.) Lifetime
The Dick Van Dyke Show—Now In Living Color! (9:00 p.m.) CBS
The Santa Clause 2 (9:00 p.m.) AMC
Memories of Christmas (9:00 p.m.) Hallmark Movies
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (9:25 p.m.) Freeform

Christmas at Holly Lodge (10:00 p.m.) Hallmark
A Gift Wrapped Christmas (10:00 p.m.) Lifetime
Time For Me to Come Home For Christmas (11:00 p.m.) Hallmark Movies
Jingle All the Way (11:30 p.m.) AMC

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